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       I was born in Syria in 1973. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had an artistic side. I would always find ways to take out the beauty out of the things around me. I graduated from the faculty of fine arts in interior architecture, from the University of Damas. I then worked in diamond jewellery design. Further on, I went into the aesthetic field after studying permanent makeup and professional makeup. In 2008, I came to Canada with my family. I decided to continue what I started in Syria, in Quebec, by teaching permanent makeup at the Académie Internationale Compétence Beauté in the city of Longueuil. It is, therefore, possible to offer training lessons in the field. I acquired a ministerial diploma in esthetics. Since then, I teach and I also work in the field. By adopting the new European and North-American techniques and technologies, I am glad to say that I am now one of the most recognised technicians in Quebec. In 2018, I opened my own boutique on Fleury street in Montreal, in order to continue what I do and what I love to do.        


          As a permanent make-up specialist, I have created this cite to inform you about the numerous advantages that this art offers. You will benefit from this make-up for years to come, and it is absolutely risk-free when done by a professional.

Since receiving a diploma in esthetics and micropigmentation in the year 2000, I have been working as an esthetician and a technician in this domain. I teach permanent make-up at the « Académie International Compétence Beauté » in Longueuil. I am able to offer training courses in the permanent make-up domain.

         What I aspire to do, with my work in permanent make-up, is give my clients the most   natural look possible. I strive to be extremely precise and careful, while adding rejuvenating effects to the face, whilst using the latest technology on the market.

         Asymmetry or slight imperfections in the face can be corrected, all while respecting each individual’s morphology. Permanent make-up will become a part of one’s self. When done correctly, the results will be natural and will give the face a more youthful appearance.….


  •       Esthetics Diploma from the Académie International Beauté.


  •       Diploma D.E.P. in Esthetics.

  •       Eyelash Extension Diploma.

  •       In 2000, Diploma in Esthetics for permanent make-up.

  •       In 1999, Diploma in diamond and jewelry designing.

  •       In 1995, Diploma in Interior Design.

         These diplomas have led to me having an eye for precision.

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Recognized by "Le ministère de l'Éducation, au Québec"


One of the greatest achievement i did in 2018, is winning two awards of  the best technician artis

from the biggest Italian masters of permanent makeup artist Cristiana Causo and Matteo Perazzi.

Also, sharing my experience with the Canadian / Quebecois TV talk show (la voix du succès)


Watch the link below to see my talk show segment.

The newspaper talking about us (Sensavie)!

Montereal Gazette
Ottawa Citizen


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