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Say goodbye to Dull and Aged Skin with the Oxygeneo Facial

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Are you frustrated with a dull, lacklustre complexion that makes you look older than your years? Stress, environmental factors, and the natural aging process can all take a toll, leaving your skin looking tired, dehydrated and lined. But there's an innovative solution that can help you reclaim your radiant glow - the Oxygeneo Facial. This cutting-edge treatment utilizes the rejuvenating power of oxygen to breathe new life into aging skin. At Permanent Makeup Amal we can help you reclaim your radiant glow - the Oxygeneo Facial. This cutting-edge treatment utilizes the rejuvenating power of oxygen to breathe new life into aging skin.

What is the Oxygeneo Facial?

The Oxygeneo Facial is a multi-step 2-in-1 facial treatment that infuses your skin with a steady stream of revitalizing oxygen. First, your skin is gently exfoliated to remove dead cells and impurities. Then, a serum rich in active ingredients is applied and the Oxygeneo machine is used to push oxygen into the deeper layers of your skin through a light massage. This increases cellular oxygenation and nutrient absorption for unparalleled radiance. By combining exfoliation with oxygenation, it's a comprehensive facial that delivers maximum results.

The Exfoliation Step

First, your skin is thoroughly yet gently exfoliated using a brush or scrub to slough away built-up dead skin cells and impurities. This crucial preparatory step removes the barrier that prevents nutrients and oxygen from fully penetrating. By unveiling fresher, newer skin cells, it allows the oxygenating benefits to be better absorbed and creates the perfect canvas for rejuvenation.

The Oxygenation Massage

Then, a concentrated serum packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and other potent actives is massaged deeply into the skin. The Oxygeneo machine's unique technology is applied - it uses a wand and light massage to push purified, hyperbared oxygen from the serum into the skin at the cellular level. This increases vital oxygen supply to skin cells while enhancing absorption of the serum's age-defying ingredients for maximum impact. The cooling, calming massage action also helps reduce inflammation and puffiness for glowing results.

The Revitalizing Benefits of the Oxygeneo Facial

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Imagine being able to oxygenate every single skin cell from the inside out for total revitalization and rejuvenation. That's exactly what the Oxygeneo Facial achieves by flooding your skin with a concentrated dose of vital oxygen. This treatment kickstarts an accelerated skin renewal process with transformative effects you can see and feel:

  • Say goodbye to dullness and lackluster skin, and hello to a radiant glow! The Oxygeneo Facial sheds those drab, pigmented surface cells to reveal luminous new skin.

  • Those pesky expression lines and fine wrinkles start to visibly diminish as oxygen and nutrients activate collagen production.

  • Your skin's texture becomes incredibly refined and pores minimized as cell turnover is boosted.

  • As blood circulation is boosted, impurities, free radicals, and toxins are flushed out allowing your skin to breathe and detoxify.

You'll quite literally walk out beaming after this rejuvenating facial. Your complexion appears dramatically smoother, brighter, and more youthful - like you've had an airbrushed touch-up in real life. Oxygen breathes new life into your face from the deepest layers!

Amplify the Benefits with Complementary Care

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Our experts recommend combining the oxygenating facials with additional therapies like hydrafacials, microneedling, or LED light therapy. These powerhouse modalities work in synergy to address multiple signs of aging at once. Between each oxygenation facial appointment, be sure to maintain a high-quality daily skincare regimen. Use a vitamin C serum in the morning to energize and a retinol serum at night to boost cell turnover. These super ingredients will provide an extra boost for the fresh, radiant cells that oxygen has helped unveil. A healthy lifestyle with exercise, good nutrition, manageable stress levels, and sun protection will also complement your renewed radiance. Remember, glowing beauty begins from the inside out.

Discover New Vitality with Us

Don't put off the opportunity to look and feel radiant any longer. Forget costly aggressive treatments and treat yourself to the rejuvenating benefits of pure oxygen. Your skin deserves this truly reviving experience. Book your Oxygeneo Facial at Permanent Makeup Amal today! Contact us to schedule your restorative oxygenating session. Get ready to dazzle with an enviable new vitality.


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